What Headband/ Hair band do I Choose for My Baby

An accessory that every Little Princess baby needs is the headband. The function of the baby headband is to prevent hair from falling onto the face and to absorb sweat. This ensures complete protection for your baby’s eyes. It should exactly fit around your baby’s head. It is made from soft shimmery elastic material.

The baby headband is a useful as well as trendy headgear. It is very useful for absorption of sweat during exercise or play and it keeps the hair away from the eyes, preventing eye or skin irritation.

Your little girl can wear headbands for the elegant and feminine look. There are many different types of headbands available in an array of colors. It can be made from cotton, knitted fabrics, spandex, polyester, suede or terrycloth (generally for sweat absorbent headbands). Ours are made from a soft shimmery elastic material, which will NOT leave any markings on your babies head when removed. Baby headbands are also helpful when you are feeding your baby! They can hold the baby’s hair while you feed her so that the hair does not get into the eyes. The baby headband is also a superb gift for a baby shower or birthday. That’s not to say that our headbands are ONLY for babies, as there are older girls wearing LadybugsNButterflies Headbands too!

For the tender skin and the comfort of your baby, our baby headbands come in soft shimmery elastic material. This ensures that your baby does not feel uncomfortable wearing them. To make your baby look super cute, our Baby Headbands also have flowers and attractive bows on them. These headbands look fantastic when worn in coordination with the baby’s outfit, which you may find at our Sister Site SnuggleBugsBoutique !

Gone are the days when headbands were donned by the stereotyped “bad boys and bad girls”. This accessory is in vogue once again, and they have come back with a bang! From professionals and celebrities to sports stars, all are opting for this headgear because of the combination of trend and utility headbands offer. The Baby Headband is, indeed, the ideal accessory for your baby!