What Hair Bows Are Best For My Baby Girl?

Nothing much beats the charm that comes along with bright hair bows that adorn baby girls, or even slightly older girls for that matter. Classic and traditional, these hair bows have quite an old world charm. It always reminds one of the high tea parties and other such social event where the little children would be the center of attention.

The task before the little girls’ mothers is rather challenging when it comes to choosing hair bows for their daughter. Though chosen very carefully, keeping in mind the child’s, mother, more often than not, tend to give into their whims of how their little girl must be dressed. They do not fail to experiment and innovate in sizes and colors when it comes to making their baby girls wear hair bows.

One can really be spoiled for choice if one is to go about selecting hair bows. They are available in various designs, sizes and colors! We have over 300 different sizes shapes and colors here at LadybugsNButterflies! Come take a look by clicking here and here

First let’s look at the less expensive hair bows. Most parents create these themselves. A trip to the local stationery store is always a productive one. Having bought ribbons of various, lengths, widths and colors, mother’s can embark upon the task making attractive hair bows themselves. These could be kept simple – four loops in only one solid color – or slightly more elaborate – various styles and patterns held together by about fifteen different ribbons! With the busy lives that we all live, who has time to even cook dinner any longer nonetheless sit down and design and create beautiful hair accessories. That is why so many leave that job to the designers at LadybugsNButterflies. You may take a look at few of the many happy clients by clicking here