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Ladybugs N Butterflies has been making Fine Boutique Children’s Hair Accessories since 2004. Our Products are all made piece by piece lovingly by hand in the United States of America.

Our hair accessories are sold in fine children’s shops and boutiques worldwide. Ladybugs N Butterflies offers their beautiful embellishments on four different types of hair clips. The original 1 3/4″ Toddler Alligator Pinch Clip with special grip material will hold in the smallest amount of hair. Our famous 1 1/4″ Infant Snappy Clip is guaranteed to hold in the finest and just a few strands of newborn baby hair and stays in place! For those that prefer the style of a flat snappy clip for their toddler, we also offer a 1 1/2″ Toddler Snappy Clip. Finally we have our 2″ French Barrette that is great for big girls with thicker, long hair.

For those who love ponytail holders for their princesses, we offer two sizes of Pony O’s adorned with our beautiful embellishments. Our Toddler Pony O is made for infants and toddler girls and our Big Girl Pony O is great for big girls with thicker hair.

Ladybugs N Butterflies offers a gorgeous line of headbands for baby girls! They are the best in the industry. These hand embellished headbands come on super soft shimmery stretch material and they will not leave a mark or hurt a baby’s soft head.

We also offer a selection of Hair Accessory Holders for Headbands and Hair Clips. These are great for display in your Princess’ Room. They are also great for our Wholesale Clients to display our products in their boutiques.

**PLEASE always remember to never leave your little ones unattended when they are wearing hair accessories. Hair clips can be a choking hazard if unsupervised.**