What Hair Bows Are Best For My Baby Girl?

Nothing much beats the charm that comes along with bright hair bows that adorn baby girls, or even slightly older girls for that matter. Classic and traditional, these hair bows have quite an old world charm. It always reminds one of the high tea parties and other such social event where the little children would be the center of attention.

The task before the little girls’ mothers is rather challenging when it comes to choosing hair bows for their daughter. Though chosen very carefully, keeping in mind the child’s, mother, more often than not, tend to give into their whims of how their little girl must be dressed. They do not fail to experiment and innovate in sizes and colors when it comes to making their baby girls wear hair bows.

One can really be spoiled for choice if one is to go about selecting hair bows. They are available in various designs, sizes and colors! We have over 300 different sizes shapes and colors here at LadybugsNButterflies! Come take a look by clicking here and here

First let’s look at the less expensive hair bows. Most parents create these themselves. A trip to the local stationery store is always a productive one. Having bought ribbons of various, lengths, widths and colors, mother’s can embark upon the task making attractive hair bows themselves. These could be kept simple – four loops in only one solid color – or slightly more elaborate – various styles and patterns held together by about fifteen different ribbons! With the busy lives that we all live, who has time to even cook dinner any longer nonetheless sit down and design and create beautiful hair accessories. That is why so many leave that job to the designers at LadybugsNButterflies. You may take a look at few of the many happy clients by clicking here

How Do I Choose The Perfect Hair Accessory?

Selecting the right kind of hair accessories can be quite tricky! You can never be sure what it will look like on your Little Princess. Judging by the hair accessories displayed on models is never a good idea. It is better that the read the product description carefully to find out if that particular accessory is right for her or not.

Hair accessories are widely used for a variety of purposes. Be it to add spunk, glam or a touch of color to complete the outfit…Or just to keep the hair in place, Our hair accessories never fail to make a statement. The following guide may be helpful:

When choosing an accessory for the hair, the purpose for which it is required is important to bear in mind. If you are looking for something to keep hair out of the eyes or to keep it in place, barrettes, hair clips, hair bands or head bands will do the job just nicely.

Barrettes possess a tremendous scope for improvisation and innovation. They can be used to do up all lengths of hair, and can also be adorned with, Swarovski Rhinestones /Crystals, crocheted flowers, animal or sea creature embellishments.

Stray hair always creates a problem and will spoil the hair do, that you worked so hard on to create!. Hair clips and head bands come in handy here, to keep stray hair, or any tiny bits of hair gone awry, in place.

What Are The Best Hair Accessories?

Among the best accessories for hair-bows are hair clips or hair fasteners. The alligator clip, which has been chosen by us, because it opens and closes like an alligator’s mouth. These clips can be single pronged or double pronged. In the creation of our Toddler Hair Clips we chose the double pronged because we feel that they stay in the hair better. This along with our special grip material, makes for a clip that will stay in, EVEN in rough play! You may take a look at our Alligator Clip Styles by clicking here.

Our French clip is also among the best hair accessories available right now. There are two prongs, held under force by a semi-circular bracket. Once you squeeze the prongs, it leaps open. Many of our clip embellishments are available on this style clip! If you are looking for a design on this style of clip, but do not see it on the site/ or in the catalog please contact us, and we will make it special just for you!

Our Infant snappy clip or “Snappies”, as we call them are perfect for infant baby girls with virtually no hair, just a couple of strands and these will stay in perfectly! Many have asked us…”Are you sure they will stay in my baby’s hair…she has none?” Our response is always this.. ” We are 100% positive that they will stay in her hair to this date, we have never had a complaint!” You may take a look at our Infant Snappy Clip Styles by clicking here.

The Toddler Snappy or “Snappies”, as we call them are perfect for toddler girls who are not yet to the stage of the alligator clip. They are also perfect for infant baby girls that would like a little larger clip. You may take a look at our Toddler Snappy Clip Styles by clicking here.

Our Headbands or Hair bands as some call them, are perfect for infant’s till well…we have some girls out there that are fourteen (14) years old and still love LadybugsNButterflies! Many of our clip styles may be designed on a Headbandor Hair band . If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us, and we will make something special just for you!

All in all the choosing the best Hair Accessory is most of the time dependent on how old the Little Princess is. How much hair she has, and what specific style you are looking for. If you are ever “stuck”, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

All of our items are still made lovingly by hand and we will gladly design a special or custom piece for any occasion!

Why Is Choosing The “Right” Hair Clips For Your Baby Is So Important?

It is imperative to pay added attention to the skin, hair of you baby, as baby skin, and hair is extremely delicate. The delicate hair follicles of your baby need additional care. The head of the baby has less hair, and is proportionally bigger. Thus it is important to select the hair clip that pays attention to all of these and pampers your baby’s delicate hair. Even the slightest discomfort can ruin the happiness of your little one, and we don’t want that….now do we ?

Many shops specialize in babies products and manufacture clothes and accessories. Hair clips for babies is one such accessory that you must take extra care while selecting. The hair clip that you chose for your baby must be light and designed, so that they does not hurt the baby’s gentle scalp. The clips should also prevent the hair from getting disheveled or entwined. When we design a Hair Accessory, we keep all this in mind, as that is ALL that we do is stay focused on designing and creating great quality, well constructed, super cute hair accessories!

To ensure that your baby has great hair when he/she grows up, you must wash their hair regularly. To prevent any injuries, keep any clip that is pointed or has sharp edges miles away from your loved one’s scalp. Hair clips for your baby must be soft and smooth. It is advisable to hold your baby in an inclined position in the bathtub when you wash their hair.

If you want your baby daughter to look pretty as a princess, we have a wide range of hair bows to choose from. Hair bows come in many sizes, from the larger ones that adorn your child’s head to the little pretty ones.

What Headband/ Hair band do I Choose for My Baby

An accessory that every Little Princess baby needs is the headband. The function of the baby headband is to prevent hair from falling onto the face and to absorb sweat. This ensures complete protection for your baby’s eyes. It should exactly fit around your baby’s head. It is made from soft shimmery elastic material.

The baby headband is a useful as well as trendy headgear. It is very useful for absorption of sweat during exercise or play and it keeps the hair away from the eyes, preventing eye or skin irritation.

Your little girl can wear headbands for the elegant and feminine look. There are many different types of headbands available in an array of colors. It can be made from cotton, knitted fabrics, spandex, polyester, suede or terrycloth (generally for sweat absorbent headbands). Ours are made from a soft shimmery elastic material, which will NOT leave any markings on your babies head when removed. Baby headbands are also helpful when you are feeding your baby! They can hold the baby’s hair while you feed her so that the hair does not get into the eyes. The baby headband is also a superb gift for a baby shower or birthday. That’s not to say that our headbands are ONLY for babies, as there are older girls wearing LadybugsNButterflies Headbands too!

For the tender skin and the comfort of your baby, our baby headbands come in soft shimmery elastic material. This ensures that your baby does not feel uncomfortable wearing them. To make your baby look super cute, our Baby Headbands also have flowers and attractive bows on them. These headbands look fantastic when worn in coordination with the baby’s outfit, which you may find at our Sister Site SnuggleBugsBoutique !

Gone are the days when headbands were donned by the stereotyped “bad boys and bad girls”. This accessory is in vogue once again, and they have come back with a bang! From professionals and celebrities to sports stars, all are opting for this headgear because of the combination of trend and utility headbands offer. The Baby Headband is, indeed, the ideal accessory for your baby!

How Do I Choose A Perfect Pony O?

One of the most popular hairdos is the ponytail, where the hair is drawn behind and held together in place with a clip or a hair tie. The hair dangles freely from the position where the clip holds it.

Pony O’s are the perfect accessory for ponytails. Young girls who want a new and trendy look and have outgrown the bow will find this product very appealing. The Pony O’s are all the rage with teenagers who are in soccer, ballet, cheerleading and gymnastics. They are rendered all the more attractive because they are available in many fabrics, textures, sizes and colors.

Generally, the Pony O’s are made with broad elastic bands. However, for girls who prefer a thinner band, we make them too.

Listed below is a sampling the different Pony O’s a available from LadyBugsNButterflies :

Abby Lynn Pony O Adorable Felt Butterfly. In two varieties: Big Girl Ponytail Holder and Toddler Ponytail Holder.
Choose the butterfly from three amazing colors: Hot Pink, Lime Green or Purple

Alexandra Lane Pony O Adorable Crochet Flowers: In two varieties: Big Girl Ponytail Holder or Toddler Ponytail Holder.

Amanda Jo- Frog Adorable – crocheted frog that will look wonderful on a toddler or a teenager. Available in three varieties: 11/2” Toddler Snappy Clip, Alligator Pinch Clip or the good ol’ Pony O!

Bethany Rose Pony O’ Adorable Felt Flower: In Big Girl Ponytail Holder or Toddler Ponytail Holder varieties.

Gabriella Grace Pony O Beautiful Sequin Petal Flower: In Big Girl Ponytail Holder or Toddler Ponytail Holder varieties.

Gerri Bear – Pony O Adorable Rainbow Cord Flower with Genuine Swarovski Crystals: In Big Girl Ponytail Holder or Infant/Toddler Ponytail Holder varieties.

Jenelle Olivia Pony O Beautiful Sequin Flower: In Big Girl Ponytail Holder or Toddler Ponytail Holder varieties.

Jenna Elizabeth Pony O Adorable Bow: In Big Girl Ponytail Holder or Toddler Ponytail Holder varieties. Available in Pink, Hot Pink, White or Lavender.

With such an array of products, you are spoiled for choices, your Little Princess can give her ponytail any look she desires!

How Can I Accessorize My Little Princesses Hair Styles?

Choosing hair accessories is not quite as easy as it tends to sound. Like most other fashion items a hair accessory often looks great at a store or even on someone else but beware that is hardly any reason to assume that it will look good on you! Just like clothes not every hair accessory is meant for everyone. The designer is most likely to have created a certain hairpiece with a particular look in mind. When accessorizing your little princesses’ hair, keep in mind her haircut and hair type. Try and glance through the product descriptions to know what kind of hair works best with a specific accessory.

Accessorizing her hair can be tricky. Remember, not all kinds of attire or occasions go well with hair accessories. Select your hair accessory based on your needs. If you need accessories to keep her hair out of her face try headbands, barrettes or clips. Accessorizing her hair with either of these is both quick and easy. Select a clip, barrette or headband based on the texture and type of her hair. If she has fine hair select the smaller barrettes, if she has coarse or thick hair check out the larger clips and barrettes.

Accessorizing her hair is often less practical and more beautifying. If you are eager to make her hair look pretty apart from keeping it out of her eyes try some of our gorgeous hair jewelry. All of our hair clips, headbands, barrettes are created and decorated with interesting jewelry and flowers. These make her look stylish AND at the same time keep her hair neat.

Accessorizing her hair is really the last touch you can add to complete her. Your shampoos and conditioners, however, do the main work. These give your hair strength, shine and volume. Unless your hair is in great health it will break easily when pinned up with hair accessories.